Saturday, December 1, 2007

WWE Superstar Super Crazy

At Judgment Day, Super Crazy gave a valiant effort in his challenge for Gregory Helms Cruiserweight Championship. Despite coming up on the short end of the decision, the Mexicool once again proved himself to be among the top Cruiserweights on SmackDown.

WWE Superstar Super Crazy Super Crazy, a former ECW Television Champion has wrestled extensively in Mexico and Puerto Rico. The talented luchadore performed one of the highlight moves at ECW's One Night Stand when he executed a Moonsault off a balcony.Not long after, Super Crazy was signed to a WWE contract.

Along with his partner Psicosis, Super Crazy stormed his way into WWE in June 2005. The duo called themselves the Mexicools, and with their exciting high risk style, they vowed to take SmackDown by storm.

It wasn't long before the SmackDown fans got behind the excitable duo. Their enthusiasm and high-energy in the ring is infectious and has propelled them to several key wins in the tag team division. With a wide array of high-flying maneuvers like Super Crazy's patented top-rope Moonsault, it's only a matter of time before the Mexicools are riding to the ring in their Juan Deere tractors decked in WWE Tag Team Championship gold.

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