Saturday, December 1, 2007

WWE Superstar Mr Kennedy

“Hailing from Green Bay, Wisconsin weighing in at 242 pounds Mr. Kennedy ….. Kennedy!”

Proudly doing the honors of announcing his own ring introductions in quite an unorthodox fashion, Mr. Kennedy has quickly turned heads and made his presence known as one of WWE's most promising, confident and big mouthed Superstars.

Insisting the spotlight be focused strictly on him at all times, Mr. Kennedy made quite the memorable debut on SmackDown, chastising Tony Chimmel’s efforts in making Mr. Kennedy’s ring introduction… a moment most other newcomers would savor and dream of. Instead, Mr. Kennedy took matters into his own hands, demonstrating how he thought the job should be done doing the introductions of not only his opponent, Funaki, but in Mr. Kennedy’s eyes… most importantly… himself! And once the formalities are out of the way, Mr. Kennedy makes sure to keep the spotlight on him, inflicting pain on his opponents and guaranteeing a win.

With confidence and some impressive skills to back up his attitude, there’s no telling what is in store next for Mr. Ken Kennedy on Raw.

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