Monday, December 3, 2007

WWE Superstar Diva - Beth Phoenix

After missing more than a year with a broken jaw, Beth Phoenix made her return to Raw on the July 9 broadcast. Moments after Melina pulled out of a tag team match due to injury, she introduced "close friend" Beth Phoenix as her replacement to team with Jillian against Mickie James & Candice Michelle. Phoenix & Jillian were unable to get the win, but teamed with Melina to assault Candice after the bout.

Originally, Beth burst onto the Raw scene in May 2006. Coming through the crowd, she attacked then-Women's Champion Mickie James. James was able to escape Phoenix and yelled "what are you doing here!?" as she left the ramp.

In the days to come, our fans would learn more about Beth Phoenix. Trish Stratus, the former Women's Champion, introduced Beth as an old friend of Mickie James, and insinuated that in the past, James had wronged her. Two weeks after Beth's first appearance Stratus officially introduced her as the newest Raw Diva. Beth then welcomed herself to Raw by once again attacking Mickie James from behind, chasing her through the crowd and out of the arena. The following week, Beth made her in-ring debut, teaming with Torrie Wilson to defeat Candice & Victoria as James looked on from outside the ring.

However, in her first solo match against Victoria, Phoenix suffered the injury that would keep her sidelined for over a year. After suffering a fractured mandible, she had a titanium plate inserted in her jaw the next day.

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