Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WWE Superstar Hardcore Holly

Hardcore Holly is a man definitely deserving of his name.

Known as The Alabama Slammer, he is as tough as they come and has been a mainstay in WWE for more than a decade. Brutalizing opponents with his gruff offensive attacks, Hardcore Holly earned his nickname during the era of the hardcore division in WWE. Even to this day, Holly still lives up to his hardcore reputation, punishing opponents with hard fists, hardcore brawling and his trademark Alabama Slam.

Channeling his anger as a tool for success, Holly has enjoyed great success. Just a year after his debut, Holly teamed with 1-2-3 Kid at the 1995 Royal Rumble to win a tournament for the World Tag Team Championship. Four years later, he won the World Tag Team Championship once again with Crash Holly.

He was extremely successful in the hardcore division as well, winning the Hardcore Championship six times during its active era. His toughness and no-nonsense attitude earned a slot as one of the trainers for MTV's Tough Enough 2, where he used his fists to teach several hopeful trainees about respect, hard work and paying your dues.

Though he has been hampered by injuries, Hardcore Holly is showing no signs of slowing down. He gets better each and every year. You don't get any respect unless you've beaten Hardcore Holly first.

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